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Srimadh Thirumalai AnanthAn Pillai Mandayam AnanthAzhwar Swami Vaibhavam

Srimathae Ramanujaya namaha
Srimath VaraVaramunayae namaha

English Translation of 

Srimadh ThirumalaiAnanthAnPillai Mandayam 

AnanthAzhwar Swami Vaibhavam

Authored by 

Ubhaya Vedantha Maha Vidwan Kanchi Sri Prathivaathi Bayankaram 


This Swamy descended to earth on 1822 A.D, swabAnu samvathsaram in the month of Panguni on star AshleshA in mAndayam. Then Swamy moved to thirunArayanaurAm as swEkAram. Legend goes that swamy is amsA of AdhisEshA and owing to that only swamy has been named so. It is also said that swamy increased his pAndithyam using 'jyothismatheelathai thailam'. Swamy learnt all the sAstras from mysore Sri KoolipAlAchAr. Swami learnt Sri BhAshya and Bhagavath Vishaya from his father Sri. Maha BhAsya SingarAcharyar. Swami went to a Jaina Mutt near ‘sranau pau kau’ , a place in Mysore Jilla to teach sAstras to the mAdathipathi. Brama sOri Pandithar, mAdathipathi of this mutt learnt all the sAstras from this mahAn for three years. During that time, Swami developed in depth knowledge in the Lowgatha, Argatha granthAs.

Swami’s pandithyam started growing. Mysore ParakAla mata swami Srimadh Sri SrinivAsa Brahma tAntra Swami, while visiting ThirunArayanaPuram was surprised by Swami’s pAndithyam and recognized Swami as Asthana Vidwan of Sri Mutt. Swamy was barely 27 years old during that time! During such early age itself, Swami excelled in chadhussAstram, vAkyArtham and authored lots of granthAms. Swami will go along with Sri parakAla swamy during yAthrAs and will win over many vidwAns and corrected them. Seeing this, swami has been prized by mysore mahArAja too.

Swami has authored many vedAnta vAdha granthAs, alankAra granthAs & granthAs in tharkA sAstra. pandhithAs who go through sri bhAshya without studying 'vedAnta vAdavali' authored by this swami will not be considered as vedAnthis! Such is the greatness of this granthA!

Swamy lived in this vibuthi for only 40 years. Swamy started writing kandanam for the best advaita granthA "advaitha siddhi" in the name of nyaya bAskaram. when swamy completed the first parisedham, advaithis cognizant of this started calling swami for vAdha. During that time, some sri vaishnavas of parakAla mutt thought this as the right time to convert Swami to their sampradAyam. they started telling dhooshanas towards Sri Vara Vara muni to Swami. Swami was very much disturbed because of this. that night in his dream Adhi seshA came as first sri rAmanuja and then sri manavAla mAmuni

swami was clarified because of this dream and wrote the following in the very next day in his nyaya bAskaram

seshA: srimAn nikama makudEyukmA rakshAp ravrutha:
srimath rAmAvaraja munithAm soumya jAmAthru thAnja:
vinthan drupyath vimathapadalI pAdanOth dAma sookthi:
bUyAth bavya prathina mahimA sreyasE bUyasena:

apart from this, Swami's vaibhavam has been recorded by KalkiSimham NarasimAchAriyar in his vaibhava prakAshika. This sangrahA is also taken from the granthA. 

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