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Srimathae Ramanujaya namaha
Srimath VaraVaramunayae namaha

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Ubhaya Vedantha Maha Vidwan Kanchi Sri Prathivaathi Bayankaram 


Among the innumerable works done in this world, of the type 'andhAdhi venpA', this one is incomparable to others.  Any work authored by our achAryAs will be unparalleled.  This being said, "thiruvAimozhi nootrandhAdhi" earns its significance not because it was composed by one of our achAryAs. This will be proved substantially now, so that all will be aware of this.

All the 1000 verses in thiruvAimozhi are of the type andhAdhi. In iyarpA 8 are of andhAdhi type. kanninunchiruthAmbu is of andhAdhi type. periAzhwAr and thriumangai azhwAr have sung one padhigam as andhAdhi in their thirumozhi. This world has witnessed a lot of andhAdhi prabhandhams. The way they are sung depends on authors of the prabhandhams. Similarly the way they are finished is also up to the wish of the authors. For the next pAsuram, they can start with either seer or sol or yezhuthu. Its completely up to the author's wish. And they are not bound by any rules here. 

For example, if we take mudhal thiruvandhAdhi, poigai azhwAr starts the divya prabandham as "vaiyam thagaliyA". It's azhwAr's wish that He started as "vaiyam". Similarly He finished the first pAsuram as "idarAzhi neengugavae yenru". This is also Azhwar's wish. Even He could have finished as "idarAzhi neengugavae yingu". The authors of andhAdhi prabandham, can choose either venpA or kattalai kalithurai for the finishing word as per their wish. This is how all the authors have sung.

Now, we shall see about the structure of thiruvAimozhi nootrandhAdhi sung by Sri manavAla mAmunigal. Since Sri namAzhwAr started thiruvAimozhi as "uyarvara", swamy bound by that, started thiruvAimozhi nootrandhAdhi as "uyarvae paran padiyai". The next padhigam in thiruvAimozhi is "veedumin mutravum". Adhering to that  swamy finished the first pAsuram as "verAgavae vilayum veedu"! For the next pAsuram also, swamy has started as "veedu seithu", thereby adhering to the andhAdhi murai in His prabandham as well! All the hundred pAsurams have been done according to such rules only!

Swamy manavAla mAmunigal - thiruvahindrapuram

If we look keenly, we will realize that even yedhugai and monai are not Sri manavAla mAmuni's own wish here! To match "veedu" in monai "verAgavae" came, and because of that in the previous line "vArAmal" to satisfy yedhugai! Beyond that Swamy had to construct the 'sAram' of the 10 thiruvAimozhis in that padhigam! In all the pAsurams 'mAran's' name needs to be included. There has been no such andhAdhi that has been sung with so many rules!

Some great scholar has to try the same for periya thirumozhi. Then only we will be able to appreciate the greatness of this grantha! (please see annex-I)

Annex - I 

Based on some letter exchanges after this article, Sri P.B. Sampath Swamy has done thirumozhi nootrandhAdhi similair to thiruvAimozhi nootrandhAdhi. 


  1. great way to start mAmunigaL uthsavam swamy.

    adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

  2. yes these are self restrictions imposed
    a. to commence with thiriuvamozhi first pasuram of that thirumvaimozhi
    b. to end with the last pasuram of that thiruvaimozhi
    c. to have aazvar s name and reverence
    d. to bring the essence of that thiruvaimozhi
    e. to conform to the tamil grammar